Disabled-Friendly Hotel in Jamshedpur Bistupur

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Hospitality establishments and hotels in India have for far too long neglected a very important aspect of hospitality, that is, creating facilities for disabled people.

Developed countries have been very receptive of the issues that disabled people face when it comes to even routine life events and tasks. A majority of public places in developed countries have facilities that make the life of disabled people that much more easy.

India has of late started seeing positive developments on this front. Until now, public places offered no assistance and hope to disabled people and made their already difficult lives more challenging.For example, a simple access ramp at a hotel makes a huge difference to the disabled; in the absence of which, getting inside the hotel itself seems impossible to some disabled individuals.

When one gives a thought to this, it seems that an open mind and willingness to go that extra mile is all it takes to help the disabled. Many things come to mind that could be implemented easily so that disabled people don’t feel neglected at hotels. Hotels can be designed such that the disabled feel very comfortable getting inside a hotel. It would be good if all areas of a hotel are very easily accessible to the disabled and the hotel is very well equipped to serve their special needs.

Here are a few things that can make a hotel disabled-friendly:

  • Make all public areas in the hotel disabled-friendly so that the disabled find accessing these areas very easy
  • Arrange for an access ramp at the entrance of the hotel to help the disabled enter the hotel with minimal effort
  • Arrange for an access ramp for the disabled at all public areas in the hotel
  • Avoid steps leading to toilets and make washroom doors as wide as possible
  • Arrange for an access ramp for the disabled at other facilities such as the gym and swimming pool
  • Make all the doorways and corridors at the hotel wide enough for free and unhampered access by wheelchair-bound disabled individuals
  • Build the elevators at the hotel such that they have wide entrances to accommodate wheelchairs of the disabled
  • Plan for sufficient space around beds in rooms so that the disabled can move around freely inside the rooms

If we analyze these points, we can say that these are more of design perspectives and can be easily brought into reality if one is willing.All these small changes in the design of a hotel can make a very positive impact on the lives of the disabled.

Thankfully for people in Jamshedpur, Hotel Ramada that has taken great care of thinking far ahead and has come up with a facility that is very disabled-friendly and welcoming. All points mentioned earlier here have been taken care of by the hotel management so that the disabled feel at home when they visit the hotel.

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