Best Hotel Rooms in Jamshedpur Bistupur

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It goes without saying that when it comes to hotel stay, we all want to enjoy our stay in rooms that suit our budget and yet make us feel safe and comfortable during our temporary accommodation. It has been seen that visitors attach good amount of importance to the housekeeping and cleanliness standards of hotels when choosing a room.

The bathroom is one aspect of hotel stay that can make a lasting positive impression on a guest or seriously mar the hotel’s reputation. One look at the bathroom and one could easily gauge the housekeeping standards of a hotel. Many guests are very particular about hotel bathrooms because the bathroom is a very private and personal space for them. Some of us may feel that it is improper to assign too much importance to a relatively trivial area as a bathroom, but for many, it is a serious concern. Irrational or not, it is in the interest of the hotel to pay heed to this physical need of visitors.

Here are some points to consider about bathrooms to make a visitor’s stay hassle-free:

  • Cleanliness of bathrooms is of paramount importance. It is important that the housekeeping staff visits the bathrooms of guests and cleans them thoroughly, multiple times.
  • Provide bathroom supplies (clean and dry towels etc.) keeping in mind that guests may take multiple showers during the course of a day.
  • Arrange for bright bathroom lighting so that visitors need not strain their eyes to see clearly in the mirror.
  • Arrange for sufficiently large bathroom mirrors so that visitors could get ready without much bending.
  • Provide easy-to-use faucets and shower knobs that clearly indicate hot and cold water directions.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it takes care of the basic issues faced by visitors during their stay at hotels.

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