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When it comes to having a fine and authentic lunch or dinner, we want to go visit only the finest of hotels that house multi cuisine restaurants. Jamshedpur, also known as Tatanagar, has in the recent past seen a spurt in the growth of multi cuisine restaurants.

One such restaurant worth talking about is the Red Earth restaurant at the Ramada Jamshedpur Bistupur. The Red Earth is the latest addition to the city’s dining experience and offers only the best in fine dining.

The soothing and convivial ambience at the Red Earth is perfectly complemented by its eye-catching copper-brown walls and soft lighting that set the mood the moment one walks in the restaurant. The matching furniture adds to the milieu effortlessly and makes your dining experience a very comfortable and relaxed one.

The Red Earth’s setting is perfect and it subtly adds to your celebratory mood. May it be an exclusive candle-lit dinner with your loved one, a birthday celebration, or a success party, the Red Earth experience makes it a cherished memory. The human touch of the support staff and their ‘service with a smile’ credo makes your time at the Red Earth memorable and fulfilling.

When it comes to food, the Red Earth boasts of the most diverse offering in cuisines in the city.

One has the option of devouring their sumptuous buffet spread that offers the best to suit ones palate.The buffet seems to be the best option for busy corporate executives who want to grab a quick bite and attend to their business in the day.

If you are the type who wants to go for a leisurely and royal dining experience, the Red Earth offers you the finest À la carte spread to satisfy your taste buds to the hilt. Due to the lavish and varied dishes on offer, the Red Earth is an ideal choice if you want to plan a pleasant surprise for a loved one who loves fine dining.

The Red Earth offers the best Asian cuisine in Jamshedpur. This multi-cuisine restaurant has on offer a very rich and assorted spread of the choicest Indian, Chinese, Asian, and Continental cuisine. The Asian cuisine fare makes its presence felt for the first time in the city and has been meticulously chosen to capture the essence of the vibrant colors and exotic flavors of Asia, which in turn gives Jamshedpur its authentic Thai dining experience.

The Red Earth stylishly satisfies your epicurean desires and makes the connoisseur in you want to return to the restaurant to try other authentic Asian and Continental dishes. The restaurant can be termed as a gourmet’s delight, going by its growing admirers and loyal regular visitors.

Jamshedpur has never before had a better example of fine dining than the Red Earth restaurant at the Ramada.

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  1. Ravi Singh says:

    Wonderful experience, the staff is just good and polite. Food was very tasty. Thanks for this.

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